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A community project to give advice/feedback/tips on science courses, such as difficulty of course, prof. teaching style, how to study, what to focus on, and what to watch out for. Brought to you by the MSS Year Representatives. All programs are here, look around!

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Latest Reviews

HTHSCI 3I03: Introductory Immunology

An introduction to humoral and cellular immunity. The molecular and cellular basis of immunity, and an introduction to immunological techniques. [3 units]

ENVSOCTY 2RW3: World Regional Geography

Formerly GEOG 2RW3
An introduction to regional geography and global issues. The study of the human and physical geographic patterns of the world. Emphasis is placed equally on what makes places and regions different or unique, and the key global issues that relate to one or more regions. Topics include urbanization, economic change, cultural difference, geopolitics, and environmental issues. [3 units]

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