KINESIOL 2Y03: Human Anatomy and Physiology I

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Dr. Krista Howarth (Fall, 2020)

The staff did a really good job on the online modules, could definitely be a more engaging course but I imagine theres too many students in it for that.

Textbook: Not Required, It was helpful

Methods of Evaluation: Tests, Exams, Lab Reports, Group Projects

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A really interesting but memorization heavy course. It is a lot easier to do well if you try and understand the reasoning behind processes or naming conventions, rather than pure memory. The content was really interesting, it was one online lecture and two in class lectures per week. There is a lab every other week but it is essential that you aren’t even 10 seconds late. They are on 4th floor of IAHS so make sure your previous class isn’t like basement of Arts Quad. The labs are really interesting, but make sure you review some content beforehand because the TAs will ask a lot of questions. The TAs seem to all be really helpful and knowledgable. The weirder your mnemonics, the easier they are to remember.

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