Stats 2B03: Statistical Methods for Science

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Rating: 4 out of 5.
Dr. Childs

Not a bad course, it was pretty interesting and Dr Childs is a gem of a sassy human. Make sure you know the calculator tricks for solving for standard deviation, since it’ll save you SO much time and stress instead of doing it manually. Also the tests in the back of the lab book are great. Do your labs with a friend, but also make sure you understand the concept at the end of the time…it’ll come up on tests.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Dr. Childs (Winter, 2021)

Aaron Childs keeps the course extremely organized with very neat and clear notes. This definitely makes it easier to learn the content in this course and makes it more approachable. The biweekly assignments are a fair difficulty, reflective of the midterms, and helps assure you are keeping up and and understanding the course content.

Textbook: Not Required

Methods of Evaluation: Tests, Exams, Assignments

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Dr. Childs (Fall, 2022)

It’s an excellently structured course; the instructor’s explanations, the lecture slides, and the recommended textbook are all great resources to study.  Recommendations to do well in the course overall: Attend the lectures and stay on top of the material, treat the assignments as practice problems.

Advice for midterms and the final exam: Do the practice tests over and over again until you don’t make a single mistake, make your own flowchart of formulas; categorize them by what variables you are given 

General advice: Math/Stats courses are all about example problems, no matter how confused you get, if you note down the practice problems in the lecture and review them later, it gives you an edge. 

Non-academic: As far as courses go, this course is very useful. I found that the material really prepares you to read scientific articles and other such things. 

Textbook: It was helpful

Methods of Evaluation: Tests, Exams, Assignments

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Dr. Childs (Fall, 2022)

This course made me consider changing my major, I can’t praise it enough. Dr. Childs is an amazing professor who will field the most simple to complex questions. He is genuinely such a good lecturer. I found that the assignments were really enjoyable to complete, and the TAs were extremely helpful. If you keep up with the practice problems and understand how to apply the formulas, it’s great. I found probability to be the trickiest part of the course, but it just requires practice! The tests and exam were all pretty fair.

Textbook: Not Required, It was helpful

Methods of Evaluation: Tests, Exams, Assignments

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