Physics 1AA3: Introduction to Modern Physics

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Hey! So I took Physics 1AA3 last year, and personally, I didn’t use the textbook, because I felt like the slides were sufficient enough for information. However, I did take physics in grade 12, and so a lot of it was review for me. I feel like it just depends on how comfortable you feel with physics in general. A few friends who didn’t take grade 12 physics did fine without the textbook too. However, I do recommend the rotational manual workbook (forget what its exactly called) because its a nice summary of those chapters and has extra practice with answers. I found that practice was the way to go with that course, because sometimes, he copied questions from the lectures for the assessments. So I would surely recommend mastering all the examples, and understanding why the calculations were done the way they were.

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