Physics 1AA3: Introduction to Modern Physics

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Hey! So I took Physics 1AA3 last year, and personally, I didn’t use the textbook, because I felt like the slides were sufficient enough for information. However, I did take physics in grade 12, and so a lot of it was review for me. I feel like it just depends on how comfortable you feel with physics in general. A few friends who didn’t take grade 12 physics did fine without the textbook too. However, I do recommend the rotational manual workbook (forget what its exactly called) because its a nice summary of those chapters and has extra practice with answers. I found that practice was the way to go with that course, because sometimes, he copied questions from the lectures for the assessments. So I would surely recommend mastering all the examples, and understanding why the calculations were done the way they were.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Dr. Nejat (Summer, 2020)

Although Prof Nejat does a good job of explaining the material, the content itself is a bit tricky. I would recommend doing Lon Capa 3 or 4 times to prepare for the midterms, which resembled the Lon Capa questions. There were not any trick questions on the midterm, it is just the content which is a bit difficult. The weekly labs, on the other hand, were very difficult and confusing. The lab manual was confusing to understand and the questions were unlike anything we learnt in class.

Textbook: Not Required, It wasn’t helpful

Methods of Evaluation: Tests, Exams, Lab Reports

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