PNB 2XA3: Human Perception & Cognition

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Rating: 2 out of 5.
Dr. MacLellan (Fall, 2018)

Mess. But to be fair this was our prof’s first year teaching the course; we often found her contradicting her own points and having to correct her/spend class time arguing with her until she recognized her mistakes. The TA’s are hit or miss, and the tutorial tests are quite challenging to do well on, but the written assignments are fair, and the iclicker quizzes are easy marks. Study well for the exam, we had cheat sheets to bring in, so hopefully that will be repeated, but even then not everyone did well on the exam. If you just copy the class notes straight into your cheat sheets it might not be enough and you may very well end up wasting precious exam time trying to find your one obscure note on that one obscure study. You have to actually know what’s going on, what studies are testing what phenomena and how, and what the results proved. Otherwise the actual content was super interesting to learn about! Hopefully the course is more structured in the years to come.

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