Biology 2A03: Integrative Physiology of Animals

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Methods of Evaluation: Exam, Tests, Lab Reports

Textbook: Not Required

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Dr. Scott (Winter 2021)

The best organized 2nd year biology course there is. The course is well organized, topics are taught in a logical order, and the slides are genuinely some of the most well put together slides I’ve seen for a biology course. The labs reports are a little tough at first, but not difficult to do well on as long as all the instructions are followed. The prof when I took it (Dr. Graham Scott) is one of the most approachable, nicest profs I’ve had. Really clearly wanted all of us to be successful, despite the challenges of taking his course virtually. Lecture videos were a bit long sometimes, but they always explained the material exceptionally well and were engaging and interesting.

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