ISCI 2A18 A/B: Integrated Science II

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Dr. Harvey, Dr. Eyles, Dr. Symons, Dr. Ellis, Dr. Tomlejnovic-Berube, Dr. Gillespie, Dr. Hitchcock, Dr. Dragomir (Fall 2019 – Winter 2020)

This second year iSci course is based on 5 project modules, with a project deliverable and course content. Additionally, there are mathematics, science literacy, and lab practicum components. In the winter term, students conduct an enrichment project, in which they dive deeper into an aspect of one of the project modules. Students get to pick two electives per term based on their concentrations and personal interests. Evaluations are done using a mix of group projects, midterms, final exams, and lab reports. Overall, the modules taught in this course are very interesting and cater to many different scientific interests. There is more flexibility with the projects than in first year, which allows for more creativity. The workload does get more intense compared to first year, but this is still manageable if you have good time management skills.

Textbook: Helpful

Methods of Evaluation: Tests, exams, lab reports, projects, reflections, group projects

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