ISCI 3A12 A/B: Integrated Science III

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Dr. Harvey, Dr. Eyles, Dr. Symons, Dr. Ellis, Dr. O’Dell, Dr. Brodeur (Fall 2020 – Winter 2020)

This third year iSci course consists of 4 research projects (note: only 3 projects ran this year due to covid and other reasons). Students complete an independent project on a topic of their choosing that relates to science in some way. As well, there is a science literacy component to this course. Students get even more freedom in the research projects than in first and second year. There are no tests or final exams in this course and the entirety of marks comes from the projects + science literacy. Overall, this is a course that teaches students many important skills and more general content, allowing them to research areas they are interested in. Students can take three electives each term based on their concentrations and their interests. The workload in this course is lighter than in previous years and it is very manageable to do well in if you are consistent with your work!

Textbook: Not required

Methods of Evaluation: Assignments, projects, reflections, group projects

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