LIFESCI 2N03: Human Nutrition for Life Sciences

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Dr. Pritchard (Fall, 2020)

2N03 is a really interesting course if you’re keen on learning the basic principles of human nutrition and its impact on disease. The lecture content is PACKED with scientific studies so it’s important that you take good notes with key takeaways from each study. Assignments are kind of a hit or miss depending on which TA grades your work but it’s easy to do well if you adhere strongly to the guidelines and rubrics. When I took the course some TA’s penalized students for very tiny things (ex. not bolding the References title, leaving spaces between APA citations etc.) so make sure you pay attention to those things. Definitely take time each week to organize your notes for each learning objective for the unit, this will help you a ton when studying for the final exam since you’re expected to know all of the studies discussed in class. Not a bird, you definitely need to put the work in to do well, but you learn a lot that can be applied outside of academics so that was satisfying.

Textbook: Required and helpful

Methods of Evaluation: Exams, assignments

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