LIFESCI 2BP3: Biophysics of the Cell & Living Organisms

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Rating: 2 out of 5.

(Dr. Higgs, Fall 2022)

Dr. Higgs is a good professor who is very responsive (answers emails quickly, explains well in class, etc.) but his tests were tough. It was heavy on theory, the class itself was small so it was difficult to find help, the TAs weren’t always clear in assignment help sessions. The assignments themselves were okay, they covered class content perfectly and were good for expanding knowledge. I enjoyed the simulations, those were fun to mess around with. Though the content was interesting, the actual questions on the midterm didn’t really represent what was taught in class. We’d be taught a general formula without any form of complex scenarios, and expected to apply it suddenly in a test environment without any given practice. Since the course content is so niche outside of research papers, there wasn’t past midterms/exams/similar questions to do. The class exam average was so poor that Dr. Higgs had to retroactively lower the exam weighting from 30% to 20% (this could have been affected by the back to back stats/orgo exam and/or long answer questions on the exam compared to all multiple choice on the 3 midterms). 

Textbook: Not Required, it was helpful

Methods of Evaluation: Tests, Exams, Assignments

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