BIOLOGY 3VV3: Laboratory Methods in Molecular Biology

< Back Dr. Zhu (Winter 2020) This was a really great course! It is really hands on and gives you important methods which you use in research positions or in grad school. It’s also a lot easier than LIFESCI 3L03 and has less assignments (but they just hold more weight to them). The labs areContinue reading “BIOLOGY 3VV3: Laboratory Methods in Molecular Biology”

BIOCHEM 3D03: Metabolism and Regulation

< Back Dr. Michelle MacDonald (Fall 2020) Dr. MacDonald made metabolism bearable/enjoyable with a lot of relevant studies integrated into her lectures and was really accommodating with the two midterm tests and projects. Being on top of the lectures is really important as there are a lot of details to understand and memorize—it’ll help avoidContinue reading “BIOCHEM 3D03: Metabolism and Regulation”

BIOLOGY 3HD3: Human Disasters

< Back Dr. Colin Seymour (Winter 2021) Generally a good course! Weekly assignments, peer-evaluated midterm presentation, and a big essay at the end of the term. TAs were accommodating and very fair with marking. A lot of independent research prompted by the prof for different human disasters. Textbook: Not Required Methods of Evaluation: Assignments, Essays, RecordedContinue reading “BIOLOGY 3HD3: Human Disasters”

HTHSCI 1DT3: Discover Immunology Today

< Back Dr. Richards (Winter 2021) Definitely not a bird course. The assignments are marked really harshly and not explained well. There is a different person giving the lectures every week so it really depends on the week if the profs are good. Lecture material is never tested on. Textbook: Not Required Methods of Evaluation:Continue reading “HTHSCI 1DT3: Discover Immunology Today”

BIOLOGY 1A03: Cellular and Molecular Biology

< Back Dr. Rosa DaSilva and Dr. Lovaye Kajiura (Winter 2021) The overall course was not bad since the content was organized nicely into modules and applied/review lectures. There was a lot of content to cover each week though. We also had virtual labs with an at home component which was very fun. The structureContinue reading “BIOLOGY 1A03: Cellular and Molecular Biology”

LIFESCI 1D03: Medical Imaging Physics

< Back Dr. Erica Dao (Winter 2021) Somewhat interesting course. Not just about learning to read x-rays or ultrasound, but also goes into the physics of how it works. The tests are not easy but not too difficult, but there is never enough time to complete them. It is definitely a heavy course with 2Continue reading “LIFESCI 1D03: Medical Imaging Physics”

SCICOMM 2A03: Foundations in Science Communication

How do scientists make sure their work in the lab or field is put to good use in communities? They communicate it to their peers, policymakers and the public. In this course, students will learn and practice the basics of effective written, visual and oral science communication. They will create research papers, posters, lay summaries, graphical abstracts, oral presentations, commentaries and tweets that tackle a range of scientific disciplines and explore the growing field of science communication research. [3 units]