Biochem 2B03: Nucleic Acid Structure and Function

Fundamental concepts and experimental methods in studying both DNA and RNA. Nature of genetic information and its storage. Molecular basis of replication, transcription and translation. Students will be required to participate in a seminar outside of regular class hours. [3 units]

Biochem 2L06 A/B: Inquiry in Biochemical Techniques

An inquiry approach to learning about current techniques in biochemistry research. Students will work in small groups in labs and workshops, with a focus on how to search the primary literature, prepare and deliver written and oral presentations. [6 units]

Biochem 3D03: Metabolism and Regulation

Principles of bioenergetics. Major pathways for carbohydrates and lipids in energy production. Photosynthesis. Nitrogen metabolism. Biosynthesis of small biomolecules. Integration and regulation of metabolic activities. [3 units]

Biochem 3G03: Proteins and Nucleic Acids

Chemical and conformational properties of proteins and relationships to their function including regulation of enzyme activity. Chemical and physical structure of DNA and RNA relevant to biological function. [3 units]