Biology: Second Year Courses

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Biology 2A03: Integrative Physiology of Animals

Fundamental principles of animal physiology, including: cellular energetics, diffusion, osmosis, membrane transport, excitability and contractility, gas exchange, fluid dynamics, electrolyte balance. [3 units]

Biology 2L03: Experimental Design in Biology

An active learning approach to experiencing how research is conceived, executed, interpreted and communicated in Biology. Principles and case studies in lectures are matched with hands-on application in the lab. [3 units]

Biology 2EE3: Introduction to Microbiology and Biotechnology

Microbial structure, genetics, metabolism, and evolution. Overview of agricultural, medical, environmental, and industrial microbiology. Covers key concepts, fundamental principles, and common research tools in microbiology. [3 units]

Biology 2F03: Fundamental and Applied Ecology

An introduction to fundamental ecological principles and their application to current environmental problems at the level of organisms, populations and ecosystems. [3 units]

Biology 2D03: Plant Biodiversity and Biotechnology

Key concepts in plant biology and biodiversity will be explored, including the origin of plants, plant structure and development, plant genomes, plant responses to the environment and other organisms, agriculture and plant biotechnology. [3 units]

Biology/MOLBIO 2C03: Genetics

Structure, function and transmission of genes; chromosomal basis of inheritance; mono- and dihybrid crosses; sequential steps in gene function; linkage maps; sex chromosome inheritance. [3 units]

Biology 2B03: Cell Biology

Basic treatment of cell structure and function, including transport and chemical signals; adaptation of structure and function in specialized cells. [3 units]