BIOCHEM 2L06: Inquiry in Biochemical Techniques

< Back Dr. Felicia Vulcu (Fall 2018 & Winter 2019) Felicia is the kindest human being on earth and she care so much about you as a person. The tests are honestly not bad at all if you pay attention in classes and labs (you barely need to write down notes for class). You getContinue reading “BIOCHEM 2L06: Inquiry in Biochemical Techniques”

BIOCHEM 3D03: Metabolism and Regulation

< Back Dr. Michelle MacDonald (Fall 2020) Dr. MacDonald made metabolism bearable/enjoyable with a lot of relevant studies integrated into her lectures and was really accommodating with the two midterm tests and projects. Being on top of the lectures is really important as there are a lot of details to understand and memorize—it’ll help avoidContinue reading “BIOCHEM 3D03: Metabolism and Regulation”