BIOLOGY 3VV3: Laboratory Methods in Molecular Biology

< Back Dr. Zhu (Winter 2020) This was a really great course! It is really hands on and gives you important methods which you use in research positions or in grad school. It’s also a lot easier than LIFESCI 3L03 and has less assignments (but they just hold more weight to them). The labs areContinue reading “BIOLOGY 3VV3: Laboratory Methods in Molecular Biology”

BIOLOGY 3HD3: Human Disasters

< Back Dr. Colin Seymour (Winter 2021) Generally a good course! Weekly assignments, peer-evaluated midterm presentation, and a big essay at the end of the term. TAs were accommodating and very fair with marking. A lot of independent research prompted by the prof for different human disasters. Textbook: Not Required Methods of Evaluation: Assignments, Essays, RecordedContinue reading “BIOLOGY 3HD3: Human Disasters”

BIOLOGY 1A03: Cellular and Molecular Biology

< Back Dr. Rosa DaSilva and Dr. Lovaye Kajiura (Winter 2021) The overall course was not bad since the content was organized nicely into modules and applied/review lectures. There was a lot of content to cover each week though. We also had virtual labs with an at home component which was very fun. The structureContinue reading “BIOLOGY 1A03: Cellular and Molecular Biology”