Chembio 4OB3: Medicinal Chemistry – Drug Design and Development

Topics will include lead compound discovery strategies; high-throughput screening and ‘in silico’ screening; exploration of structure-activity relationships; drug targets and molecular mechanisms of drug action; strategies for drug optimization. [3 units]

Chem 4OB3: Polymers and Organic Materials

Fundamentals of polymer structure, and the structure-property relationships that enable polymer applications in a wide array of products. Both traditional and modern polymerization methods are covered, with an emphasis on methods enabling the formation of advanced polymer architectures. [3 units]

Chembio 3P03: Biomolecular Interactions and Kinetics

Principles of macromolecule-macromolecule and small molecule-macromolecule interactions, including ligands and drugs. Techniques for characterizing and quantifying biomolecular interactions in vitro and in vivo. Emerging technologies such as biological therapeutics as applied to pharmaco-dynamics and -kinetics. [3 units]