HTHSCI 1DT3: Discover Immunology Today

< Back Dr. Richards (Winter 2021) Definitely not a bird course. The assignments are marked really harshly and not explained well. There is a different person giving the lectures every week so it really depends on the week if the profs are good. Lecture material is never tested on. Textbook: Not Required Methods of Evaluation:Continue reading “HTHSCI 1DT3: Discover Immunology Today”

English 1AA3: Literature in English – Longer Genres

In this course, we will read literary texts that both tell powerful stories about the often disorienting world in which we find ourselves, and invite us to reflect on the place of literature in the world. The course therefore functions as an introduction to the study of literature, equipping you with many of the conceptual and writing tools that you will need to become an expert reader of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. [3 units]