LIFESCI 2AA3: Introduction to Topics in Life Sciences

This course is a forum for the introduction of diverse interdisciplinary research topics within Life Sciences. Students will explore different methodologies and applications of current research in these fields to human health. Students will also practice communicating science in various formats and explore streams and opportunities in the Life Sciences Program. [3 units]

LIFESCI 2L03: Living Systems Laboratory

< Back Dr. Ana Tomljenovic-Berube (Winter 2021) There were weekly assignments/lab reports to write, which requires planning and working ahead to do well in. Virtual labs and tutorials were held (2x a week), which were helpful to complete the reports. The online textbook/manual was extremely helpful and well organized. Everything that you need to knowContinue reading “LIFESCI 2L03: Living Systems Laboratory”

LIFESCI 3AA3: Human Pathophysiology

< Back Pritchard and Faulkes (Winter 2021) Course heavily based on 2 tests (one test, one exam) and an assignment. The content is interesting, especially if you took anatomy. A lot of memorization, the diseases are kind of basic and things you see in everyday situations, it can get a little dry. The midterm wasContinue reading “LIFESCI 3AA3: Human Pathophysiology”

LIFESCI 1D03: Medical Imaging Physics

< Back Dr. Erica Dao (Winter 2021) Somewhat interesting course. Not just about learning to read x-rays or ultrasound, but also goes into the physics of how it works. The tests are not easy but not too difficult, but there is never enough time to complete them. It is definitely a heavy course with 2Continue reading “LIFESCI 1D03: Medical Imaging Physics”

LIFESCI 3AA3: Human Pathophysiology

This course examines the normal physiology of a healthy individual through to the pathophysiological consequences of disease at the cell and tissue level, and how this can lead to greater implications between the various systems of the body. The mechanisms of drug activity and pharmaceutical design will also be explored. [3 units]