Physics 1C03: Physics for the Chemical and Physical Sciences

A first course in university physics intended for physics and chemistry students, or students in any other discipline who have an appropriate secondary school background. This course is a comprehensive treatment of linear and rotational mechanics – kinematics, dynamics, and the relevant conservation laws. [3 units]

BIOPHYS 1S03: Biophysics of Movement and the Senses – From Microbes to Moose

A conceptual course, based on and requiring Grade 12 Physics. Applications to biological systems exploring the interdisciplinary field of biophysics. Topics include: Sound, Hearing and Echolocation, Optics of Vision, Animal Locomotion, Thermal Motion of Molecules, Heat and Heat Flow in biological systems, Fluid Dynamics. Intended for students in Life Science Gateway, Chemical and Physical Sciences Gateway, and those interested in physical aspects of biology. [3 units]