Chemistry / Chemical Biology: Second Year Courses

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Chem 2PC3: Mathematical Tools for Chemical Problems

An introduction to vector calculus, differential equations and linear algebra – including solving linear equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors – motivated by problems of chemical equilibrium and kinetics. [3 units]

Chem 2LA3: Chemistry Lab

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Chem 2AA3: Quantitative Chemical Analysis

The art and science of performing quantitative analysis on samples based on classical volumetric techniques and modern instrumental methods including electrochemistry, optical spectroscopy, and chromatography. [3 units]

Chem 20B3 / 20D3: Organic Chemistry II

Nucleophilic substitutions at carbonyl centres, aromatic chemistry, carbohydrates, applications of spectroscopic techniques in organic chemistry. [3 units]

Chem 2OA3 / 2OC3: Organic Chemistry I

An introduction to organic chemistry with emphasis on the reactions of functional groups and an introduction to spectroscopic techniques for structure determination. [3 units]