Electives: First Year Courses

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English 1AA3: Literature in English – Longer Genres

In this course, we will read literary texts that both tell powerful stories about the often disorienting world in which we find ourselves, and invite us to reflect on the place of literature in the world. The course therefore functions as an introduction to the study of literature, equipping you with many of the conceptual…

HTHSCI 1DT3: Discover Immunology Today

This course is intended to inspire curiosity in questions generated by concepts in immunology that drive current research directions. Students will explore a spectrum of topics in immunology with research faculty. [3 units]

Russian 1Z03: Beginner’s Russian I

This course is designed for students with no prior knowledge of Russian. Students will learn the Cyrillic alphabet, some basic rules of pronunciation, and the essentials of Russian grammar. This course will primarily focus on developing simple conversational skills, as well as talking about grammar and vocabulary. [3 units]

Sustain 1S03: Introduction to Sustainability

An introduction to sustainability from an interdisciplinary perspective which examines the historical and societal lenses through which sustainability is viewed. Students will learn terminology, theories and concepts to effectively communicate across disciplines and on various topics of sustainability. [3 units]