Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit a review?

You can submit a course review by going to the Home Page and clicking on the “Submit a Review!” blue button. This button will direct you to a google form, where you will have the chance to write your review. Once you finished the form, you can click on the “submit” at the bottom of the page, and we will try to post your review on the website as soon as possible.

Do I have to answer all the questions when submitting a review?

No, some of the questions are mandatory, and they are marked with red stars. However, the rest of them are optional, and you may or may not answer them at your convenience.

Can I submit an anonymous review?

Yes, we will post all the reviews anonymously to ensure all students feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions.

How can I make sure my submitted review is approved?

Our team will read the submitted reviews before posting them on the website to ensure they abide by our community guidelines. It’s needless to say that negative reviews are also welcome; however, we would like to encourage you to provide constructive feedback and avoid using harsh/disrespectful language. Please note that our platform has a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech, and the reviews classified under this category will not be posted on the website.

How can I read reviews for a specific course?

Courses are sorted based on their offering department. You can find the posted reviews by clicking on the “Departments” tab on the top right corner of the heading or the designated “Departments” blue button on the Home Page. Once you select a department, you will see a list of all courses offered by that department. You may browse the list manually, use the search box or sort these courses based on their year to find your course of interest. Click on the course code/title, and you will be able to see all the posted reviews for that course.

How can I find more resources?

Our team has dedicated a section for gathering useful links, guides, and resources to help you further succeed in your academic journey. These are accessible through the “Resources” tab on the top right corner of the heading. You can learn more about the McMaster Science Society (MSS) and its offered resources/services on the following website.