Third Year
Fourth Year

KINESIOL 1E03: Motor Control and Learning

Examination of the behavioral and psychological principles of motor control and motor learning. Topics include measurement of motor performance, sensory processes, perception, memory, attention, practice and feedback, and neuroscience fundamentals in motor control. [3 units]

KINESIOL 1F03: Human Nutrition and Health

An introduction to the study of human nutrition, with an examination of the role of nutrition, and, where applicable, physical activity in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. [3 units]

KINESIOL 2C03: Neuromuscular Exercise Physiology

Examination of neuromuscular function during exercise, with an emphasis on factors limiting strength, speed and power performance. Adaptations to training will also be considered, as well as mechanisms of training-induced muscle damage. [3 units]

KINESIOL 2E03: Musculoskeletal Anatomy

Examination of anatomy with a focus on bones, joints, muscles and connective tissues of the spine and extremities. Experiential approach to functional movement analysis. [3 units]