Life Science: Third Year Courses

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LIFESCI 3BB3: Neurobiology of Disease

Examination of the cellular, circuit and system level abnormalities that underlie nervous system diseases. Topics may include: addiction, epilepsy, spinal cord injury, neuromuscular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

LIFESCI 3RP3: Research Practicum

The research practicum course provides students in the Life Sciences programs an opportunity to explore potential research projects while volunteering in the laboratory or clinic of a faculty member at McMaster University. The student will complete a research proposal in addition to the placement. You should reach out immediately to potential supervisors at McMaster University…

LIFESCI 3LA3: Introduction to Data Science

This course will introduce basic concepts of how we use data in science. Students interested in research need to take information they gather or generate from a lab bench, field site, or other source and translate that into meaningful inferences about the processes they are studying. This course will enable students to take complex datasets…

LIFESCI 3AA3: Human Pathophysiology

This course examines the normal physiology of a healthy individual through to the pathophysiological consequences of disease at the cell and tissue level, and how this can lead to greater implications between the various systems of the body. Disease management with pharmacologic agents and other lifestyle approaches will be discussed. [3 unit]