Molecular Biology

Second Year

MOLBIOL 3B03: Advanced Cell Biology

The molecular organisation and function of eukaryotic cells are examined, with a focus on information transfer from the cell surface and from the nucleus. Emphasis is placed upon interpretation of the research literature. [3 units]

MOLBIOL 3O03: Microbial Genetics

Molecular genetics of bacteria and bacteriophage. Special emphasis will be placed on relationships between microbial genetics and general problems in genetics and gene regulation. [3 units]

MOLBIOL 3II3: Molecular Genetics of Eukaryotes

Study of the eukaryotic genome and control mechanisms of gene expression; the emphasis will be on transcriptional control, RNA surveillance and the study of epigenetic mechanisms in several model systems (yeast, nematodes, insects, plants and vertebrates). The histone code and several mechanisms of epigenetic trans-generational inheritance will be discussed. [3 units]