Physics: Second Year Courses

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BIOPHYS 2A03: Biophysics of the Cell and Living Organisms

Some of the most exciting breakthroughs in science are made at the interface between disciplines. Biology and physics are no different. Topics may include: elements of bioelectromagnetism, basic circuits, capacitance, impedance and potentials of cells and membranes. Waves for sound and vision, diffraction, refraction, scattering. Intracellular motion and transport: diffusion, permeability, Fick’s Law and electrophoresis. Phases and equilibria: energy landscapes, protein folding, Boltzmann distribution. [3 units]

BIOPHYS 2S03: Explorations in Medical and Biological Physics

An inquiry based presentation of selected current topics in medical and biological physics including central concepts of organic chemistry. As part of this course students will work in small groups and carry out several short projects involving a literature review, experimental or computational research. [3 units]

DATASCI 2G03: Scientific Computing

Formerly Physics 2G03
A hands-on introduction to modern scientific structured programming using standard C/C++ under Linux. Assumes no prior programming experience. Students develop a programming project on a research topic of their choosing (e.g. living populations, disease simulation, dynamics, economics). The course covers programming fundamentals, floating point and number representation and introduces algorithms and numerical methods. Class discussions include topics such as scripting, web content, objects/classes, graphics and parallel programming, according to student interest. Students are required to have a laptop for in-class work. [3 units]