Physics 1A03: Introductory Physics

A first course in university physics, taught using examples and applications from many areas of science. Topics include the concepts of force and energy, mechanics, waves and fluids. [3 units]

Physics 1AA3: Introduction to Modern Physics

A course presenting aspects of modern physics relevant to life sciences. Electromagnetic fields. Atomic, quantum, and nuclear physics. Applications to imaging and understanding biological systems. [3 units]

Physics 1C03: Physics for the Chemical and Physical Sciences

A first course in university physics intended for physics and chemistry students, or students in any other discipline who have an appropriate secondary school background. This course is a comprehensive treatment of linear and rotational mechanics – kinematics, dynamics, and the relevant conservation laws. [3 units]

BIOPHYS 1S03: Biophysics of Movement and the Senses – From Microbes to Moose

A conceptual course, based on and requiring Grade 12 Physics. Applications to biological systems exploring the interdisciplinary field of biophysics. Topics include: Sound, Hearing and Echolocation, Optics of Vision, Animal Locomotion, Thermal Motion of Molecules, Heat and Heat Flow in biological systems, Fluid Dynamics. Intended for students in Life Science Gateway, Chemical and Physical Sciences…

BIOPHYS 2A03: Biophysics of the Cell and Living Organisms

Some of the most exciting breakthroughs in science are made at the interface between disciplines. Biology and physics are no different. Topics may include: elements of bioelectromagnetism, basic circuits, capacitance, impedance and potentials of cells and membranes. Waves for sound and vision, diffraction, refraction, scattering. Intracellular motion and transport: diffusion, permeability, Fick’s Law and electrophoresis.…

BIOPHYS 2S03: Explorations in Medical and Biological Physics

An inquiry based presentation of selected current topics in medical and biological physics including central concepts of organic chemistry. As part of this course students will work in small groups and carry out several short projects involving a literature review, experimental or computational research. [3 units]

DATASCI 2G03: Scientific Computing

Formerly Physics 2G03 A hands-on introduction to modern scientific structured programming using standard C/C++ under Linux. Assumes no prior programming experience. Students develop a programming project on a research topic of their choosing (e.g. living populations, disease simulation, dynamics, economics). The course covers programming fundamentals, floating point and number representation and introduces algorithms and numerical…

BIOPHYS 3S03: Soft Condensed Matter Physics

Soft materials include polymers, liquid crystals, surfactants and colloids. The course will cover structure, dynamics, phase transitions and self-assembly, and discuss applications and links to the life sciences. [3 units]

MEDPHYS 3C03: Operational Health Physics – Laboratory & Communication

Six practical Health Physics operational exercises are undertaken. These include survey instruments, surveys of radiation fields, contamination surveys, air sampling for radioactivity, radiation dosimetry and radiological incident response. Each topic is introduced, followed by laboratory work and then students report on their findings. [3 units]

BIOPHYS 4S03: Introduction to Molecular Biophysics

A presentation of recent contributions made to the fields of molecular and cell biology by the use of physical approaches. In particular, the following topics are discussed: physical properties of biomolecules, protein folding, molecular motors, cell motion and cell adhesion. Emphasis on the critical evaluation of current research literature. [3 units]