PNB: Second Year Courses

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Psych 2C03: Social Psychology

An overview of research and theory in social psychology. Topics include, but are not limited to, social influence, persuasion, prejudice, aggression, altruism, sexuality, and processes related to attitude formation and change. [3 units]

PNB 2XA3: Human Perception & Cognition

Humans gain knowledge by sensing, perceiving, evaluating and acting upon the world around us. This course explores psychological theories and measurements of these processes. [3 units]

PNB 2XB3: Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology

This course describes the physiology of the neuron, communication between neurons, and the neural circuits that underlie touch, vision, audition, vestibular sensation, and movement. [3 units]

PNB 2XC3: Animal Behaviour & Evolution

This course integrates evolutionary analyses with in-depth discussions of genetic and cognitive mechanisms that generate major classes of behaviour shared by most animals, including humans. [3 units]

PNB 2XD3: Integrative PNB Through Scientific Writing

The course promotes integration across themes within Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour and teaches fundamental writing skills for the sciences. Students will be exposed to multiple topic areas and multiple faculty members. [3 units]