Science: Second Year Courses

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SCICOMM 2A03: Foundations in Science Communication

How do scientists make sure their work in the lab or field is put to good use in communities? They communicate it to their peers, policymakers and the public. In this course, students will learn and practice the basics of effective written, visual and oral science communication. They will create research papers, posters, lay summaries, graphical abstracts, oral presentations, commentaries and tweets that tackle a range of scientific disciplines and explore the growing field of science communication research. [3 units]

SCICOMM 2M03: Engaging Your World – Science for the Global Citizen

Examines the linkage between science and society. Topics include: How can science address the key challenges in our society? How does society impact the way that science is conducted? Examines basic scientific theories and concepts and highlights the application and interpretation of science in the context of popular media and policy. Since policies on issues relevant to human health and our environment are informed by the work of scientists, we want to establish a common ground of understanding about how science is conducted, how knowledge changes, and how we can be better consumers of scientific information. [3 units]