Mathematics and Statistics

Math 1A03: Calculus For Science I

For students in science: geared towards applications, with attention to underlying concepts. Functions: limits, continuity, derivatives, optimization, curve sketching. Antiderivative, definite integral, techniques of integration. [3 units]

Math 1B03: Linear Algebra I

Vector spaces given by solutions to linear systems. Linear independence, dimension. Determinants. Eigenvalues, eigenvectors and diagonalisation. Complex numbers. [3 units]

MATH 1LT3: Calculus for the Life Sciences II

Applications of integration, autonomous differential equations, functions of several variables; probability as application of calculus. All topics chosen for their relevance to the life sciences. [3 units]

Math 2X03: Advanced Calculus I

Multiple integration, line and surface integrals and applications. The classical integration theorems of Green, Gauss and Stokes. [3 units]

Math 3C03: Mathematical Physics I

Eigenvalue problems, Fourier transforms, special functions, spherical harmonics, partial differential equations, boundary value problems. [3 units]

Math 3ET3 A/B S: Mathematics Teaching Placement

Explore teaching as a profession and integrate academics with a community, volunteer or professional experience. The student will complete an academic component in addition to the placement. This course includes a scientific communication component. Students are responsible to arrange a suitable placement and supervision, and are required to submit an application to the Science Career…