Biology 3UU3: Animal Physiology – Regulatory Systems

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Rating: 2.5 out of 5.
Dr. Rollo (Winter, 2020)

Dr. Rollo seemed to be confused most of the time. Every lecture he would reteach the last half of the previous lecture but I’m not sure if that’s because he was trying to review the content or because he didn’t remember what had happened the day before. Either way, it was confusing and strange. His slides are often incredibly overwhelming. Luckily, though, he posted his own speakers notes on avenue for each of the units and they were super clear, concise, and helpful. We only had 2 assessments for the course: a 35% midterm, and a 65% final. The first test that we had wasn’t too, too bad. I thought it was a very fair test that didn’t cover anything outside of realistic expectations from the course content. The only thing that was bad about the tests were that the had ~10 questions that covered the content from the course handbook. This courseware was just a compilation of 20 incredibly confusing and detailed journal articles about very specific pathways that were semi related to course content. Each article was given one question on each test (10 for the midterm, 10 for the final) about some incredibly minute detail from that article. They were exceptionally hard to get through, and took way more time than learning the actually course content itself. They were the worst combination of not being worth enough to justify all the work that went into getting those questions on the tests but being worth too much to just ‘take the L’ on. I took this course in Winter 2020 when COVID shut campus down halfway through the term. For the last month of the course, Dr. Rollo didn’t post A SINGLE LECTURE online. He put up his excessively long and confusing PowerPoints, and those god-given gifts of speaker notes, and was never to be heard from again. It honestly didn’t surprise me all that much, given how difficult it was for him to figure out how to work the computer in BSB 147 to just put his powerpoint on the screen. One time, we sat in class for 15 minutes as he kept trying to make it work, and then eventually he just gave up and sent us all home… The content itself was pretty cool to learn about, but while teaching it, Dr. Rollo gave a lot of really unhelpful and upsetting comments about eating and food. He recommended dieting by eating once every other day, and said that people who ate 60% of their recommended caloric intake will live a lot longer… both of those comments could be really harmful for people who struggle with body image or eating disorders, and also, they just aren’t true.

Textbook: Required

Methods of Evaluation: Tests, exams

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